School Circulars

2020-07-09 Regard the arrangement of the End-of-year Ceremony on 16th July 2020(Thu)
2019-07-09 F5 summer chemistry course
2019-06-28 Taiwan 5-day History, Cultural Experience and STEM Study Tour (II)
2019-06-24 Coming of Age Ceremony
2019-06-13 2019 CHSS Spelling Bee
2019-06-12 DNA Workshop
2019-06-12 Post-Examination Activities and Summer Activities
2019-06-10 Visit to Aberdeen Fire Station
2019-06-05 EDB QF Workshop on Style Design(Hairdressing Industry)
2019-05-21 Circular on Taiwan 5-day History, Cultural Experience and Environmental Study Tour

2019-05-16 Cheung Chau Visit
2019-05-16 Reply Slip:2018-2019 2nd Term Examination
2019-05-14 Crate Climbing Experiential Day
2019-05-09 Community Service: Visit to Singleton Elderly (Causeway Bay/Happy Valley)
2019-05-02 Visiting Hong Kong Science Museum
2019-04-30 1819 CSKMS Invitation Rugby Sevens Tournament
2019-04-15 HKJC x MUSS Graduation Ceremony
2019-04-15 HKJC Soccer 4 - Riding High Together Festival
2019-03-27 HKJC CLAP for Youth - Fitness and Career Life planning Programme
2019-03-22 Guided Tour of Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2019

2019-03-22 Regular Homework Class (F.1)
2019-03-21 Visit to the Civil Aviation Department
2019-03-21 Briefing Session on the Senior Secondary Applied Learning Courses(2019-21 School Years)
2019-03-21 Seminar on HKDSE Elective Subjects / Briefing Session on the 334 New Senior Secondary (NSS) Academic Structure
2019-03-20 Visiting the Customs and Excise Department
2019-03-20 Visiting the Exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History
2019-03-15 (Phase 2) School Rugby Training (Boys & Girls C grade)
2019-03-13 Life Planning Education Programme for Minorities
2019-03-11 Community Service: Visit to Singleton Elderly (Causeway Bay/Happy Valley)
2019-02-14 School Education Programme: Oceanographer at Hoi Ha Wan