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Lunch Arrangement

Confucius Hall Secondary School

Lunch Arrangement


Lunch period is from 12:35 to 1:40p.m.and the catering methods of students differ:

  1. Lunches brought from home

Students may bring their own lunch to school. For the safety of students, do not use any lunch boxes made of glass or easily-breakable containers or lunch boxes.


  1. Reheating Service

Put your lunchbox into the refrigerator in the morning. You may take the heated lunchbox during the lunch time (12:40-13:00).


  1. Parental Delivery of lunchbox

Parents who bring lunch to students from home, must ensure that the lunch is properly and hygienically packed and it must be delivered before 12:30p.m.. The name and the class of the student is clearly displayed on the lunch box.


  1. Parental order for set lunch from tuck shop

    Students can order set lunch from our service provider, Vitaland Services Limited. You may order set lunch at 10:00a.m on school day. For details, please contact the staff of the tuck shop.


  1. Remarks
  • For the health of students, please do not purchase fast food, snacks or instant noodles with high fat content.
  • To achieve environmental protection and minimize the production of unnecessary wastes, all students should bring their own cutleries (such as fork, spoon and chopsticks). Keep the place around you clean.