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孔聖堂中學家長教師會     Parent-Teacher Association

本會宗旨     Our Aims:
  1. 加強家長與學校間之聯繫和合作,幫助學生健康成長。
    We aim to promote students growth through enhancing communication and co-operation between parents and school.

  2. 關注學生品德和學業,提高學生的修養。
    We care about student’s academic result and morality, especially focused on cultivating students.

  3. 向家長提供家庭教育知識。
    We share knowledge about family issues amount parents.

  4. 推動家長擔當積極的角色,關心子女教育,支持學校活動和工作。
    We encourage parents to care about children’s growth as well as participating in school activities actively.

          15-17 年度常務委員
  • 主席: 何嘉璿女士

  • 副主席: 謝志明先生


  • 文書: 郭玉玲女士

  • 稽核: 區耀寧先生

  • 康樂: Ms. Ghale, Kirun Kumari

  • 活動聯絡: 李少萍女士

  • 活動聯絡: Ms. Sharma Seema

  • 活動聯絡: 袁順娣女士

         15-17 Committee Member
  • Chairman:  Ms. Ho Ka Yui

  • Vice Chairman:  Mr. Tse Chi Ming

  • Financial Secretary:  Ms. Kaur Charanjit

  • Secretary:   Ms. Kwok Yuk Ling

  • Auditor:  Mr. Au Yiu Ning

  • Recreation Officer:   Ms. Ghale, Kirun Kumari

  • Activity Liaison Officer:   Ms. Lee Siu Ping, Katharine

  • Activity Liaison Officer:   Ms. Sharma Seema

  • Activity Liaison Officer:   Ms. Yuen Shun Tai, Soondi

17-18 年度活動  16-17 Activities
2017-11-06 陸運會(初賽)
Sports Day (Heat)

2017-11-07 陸運會(決賽)
Sports Day (Final)

2017-11-26 家長日及家教會周年大會
1st Parents’ Day

2017-12-07 頒獎禮
Speech Day

2017-12-20 社際歌唱比賽
Inter-House Singing Contest

日期待定 家教會聚餐

Parent-Teacher Association Gathering

日期待定 親子旅行

PTA Picnic

日期待定 家長講座

Speech Day

通告  Notice
14-09-2017 第十七屆家長教師會常務委員招募委員
18th Parent Teacher Association Committee Nomination

17-11-2017 第十七屆家長教師會常務委員選舉結果
Result of the Election for the 16th Parent Teacher Association Committee

花絮   Highlights
2017-06-25 家教會親子旅行
PTA Picnic

2017-03-10 家長日EM講座
Parents' Day Lecture

2016-12-09 第53屆周年畢業暨頒獎典禮
52nd Annual Speech Day

2016-11-14 陸運會
Sports Day

2016-06-27 蒙古五天文化交流
Mongolia exchange

2016-02-28 家教會聚餐
Parent-Teacher Association Gathering

2015-12-11 第52屆周年畢業暨頒獎典禮承蒙法國駐港澳總領事Mr Eric Berti蒞臨主禮
Mr Eric Berti Our Guest of Honour of 52nd Annual Speech Day

2015-11-06 第十六屆家長教師會常務委員選舉
Election for the 16th Parent Teacher Association Committee

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