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[UPDATES ON 14/12/2017] [Other] First Term Examination Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 23/11/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Student Union Election[Link]

[UPDATES ON 23/11/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Skateboard performance[Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/11/2017] [International Exchange] Chua Chu Kang Secondary School visit [Link]

[UPDATES ON 22/10/2017] [Other] First Term Uniform Test Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/09/2017] [Partnership Activities] Police sharing session [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/09/2017] [School Activities Highlights] ECA infomation session[Link]

[UPDATES ON 27/09/2017] [International Exchange] Visit Shenzhen Jianwen Foreign Language School [Link]

[UPDATES ON 25/09/2017] [International Exchange] Cultural Exchange Tour 2017 - Yi Nationality, Sichuan [Link]

[UPDATES ON 24/09/2017] [International Exchange] Home Affairs Bureau:Kyoto [Link]

[UPDATES ON 24/09/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Confucius Worship[Link]

[UPDATES ON 21/09/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Chinese Music Concert[Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/09/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Leadership Training Camp[Link]

[UPDATES ON 01/09/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Opening Ceremony[Link]

[UPDATES ON 06/09/2017] [Admission] Admission 2018/2019 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/8/2017] [International Exchange] Hong Kong Trio Summer Rugby Tour 2017 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/7/2017] [Partnership Activities] 5A LAI TIN LONG join Asia Concert Tour of Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra. [Link]

[UPDATES ON 26/6/2017] [Partnership Activities] 2017 RAIL WATCH-Community Service Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 25/06/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Parent-Teacher Association Picnic [Link]

[UPDATES ON 22/6/2017] [Partnership Activities] Shatin Sewage Treatment Department Visit [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/06/2017] [School Life] Post-examination activities and Summer activities[Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/06/2017] [School Life] School Newsletters 3[Link]

[UPDATES ON 06/06/2017] [Admission] Admission Form 2017/2018[Link]

[UPDATES ON 01/06/2017] [Scholarships and Subsidy Scheme] Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students( FASP)[Link]

[UPDATES ON 26/05/2017] [School Life] Final Examination Timetable[Link]

[UPDATES ON 22/05/2017] [School Life] Final Term Examination Scope[Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/03/2017] [School Life] Video Highlights[Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/03/2017] [School Activities Highlights] The Chinese Cultural Week [Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/03/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Parents' Day Lecture [Link]

[UPDATES ON 09/03/2017] [Partnership Activities] English Speech [Link]

[UPDATES ON 08/03/2017] [School Activities Highlights] Water Resource - Student Sharing [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/03/2017] [Partnership Activities] Hong Kong Leader Campus 2017 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/02/2017] [Partnership Activities] The Railway Watch Program [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/02/2017] [Partnership Activities] Education Exchange Program by CG of Ireland [Link]

[UPDATES ON 20/02/2017] [Partnership Activities] Hong Kong Philharmonic [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/02/2017] [Partnership Activities] Members of the Legislative Council came to visit our school [Link]

[UPDATES ON 03/02/2017] [International Exchange] Denmark Exchange Program 2017 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 21/01/2017] [International Exchange] Denmark Exchange Program (Odsherreds Efterskole) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 21/01/2017] [Partnership Activities] Project Rail Watcher [Link]

[UPDATES ON 20/01/2017] [International Exchange] LEGO - Denmark Exchange Program (Odsherreds Efterskole) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 20/1/2017] [International Exchange] Tea Ceremony - Denmark Exchange Program (Odsherreds Efterskole) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 09/12/2016] [International Exchange] Consul General Peter Ryan Our Guest of Honour of 53nd Annual Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 03/12/2016] [International Exchange] Consul General Peter Ryan Our Guest of Honour of 53nd Annual Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/10/2016] [School Activities Highlights] HARBIN 8-DAY CUTURAL TOUR [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/07/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Book Launch [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/07/2016] [Partnership Activities] Don’t Drop the Ball Tournament [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/07/2016] [Partnership Activities] Aberdeen Festival 2016 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 27/05/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Lunch gathering with Dr. Yeung [Link]

[UPDATES ON 23/05/2016] [Partnership Activities]Memorial Meeting of Mr. Sham Choi Sang [Link]

[UPDATES ON 19/05/2016] [School Circulars] 2015-16 Final Term Examination Scope [ Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/05/2016] [School Activities video]Inter School English Speaking Preliminary [Link]

[UPDATES ON 17/05/2016] [RTHK] Teen Time[Link]

[UPDATES ON 26/04/2016] [Partnership Activities]Visit HKUST Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/04/2016] [Partnership Activities]Teacher Development Program 2016 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 05/04/2016] [International Exchange]Shanghai and Nanjing Tour [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/03/2016] [International Exchange video]CHSS Germany Exchange Proparm 2016 @ Berlin [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/03/2016] [International Exchange video]World Education Alliance on Music Workshop 2016 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/03/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2015/16 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/03/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Will Mill Grass Theatre Backstage Workshop [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/03/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Chinese Cultural Knowledge Competition [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/03/2016] [School Activities Highlights] International Food Carnival & Booth [Link]

[UPDATES ON 02/03/2016] [International Exchange video]WEA Music Workshop Rehearsal at Stormarnschule Ahrensburg [Link]

[UPDATES ON 01/03/2016] [International Exchange]Germany Exchange Program with Stormarnschule [Link]

[UPDATES ON 22/02/2016] [School Activities Highlights] The Chinese Cultural Week 1516 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 19/02/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Sports Days [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/01/2016] [Speech by Guest] Speech on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Confucius Hall [Link]

[UPDATES ON 08/01/2016] [International Exchange video]Mr Eric Berti Our Guest of Honour of 52nd Annual Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 08/01/2016] [School Activities Highlights] Rail Watch Launching Ceremony [Link]

[[UPDATES ON 21/12/2015] [Partnership Activities] Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/12/2015] [Hong Kong Economic Journal] Date for 04/12/2015 (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/12/2015] [School Circulars] 2015-16 First Term Examination Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/12/2015] [School Activities Highlights]Mr Eric Berti Our Guest of Honour of 52nd Annual Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/12/2015] [School Circulars] 52nd Annual Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/12/2015] [Books Recommendation] 《1984 by George Orwell 》 [連結]

[UPDATES ON 01/12/2015] [Partnership Activities] RTHK Radio Broadcasting Program: Teen Time [Link]

[UPDATES ON 01/12/2015] [Partnership Activities] Getting To Know The Night Sky [Link]

[UPDATES ON 25/11/2015] [International Exchange]Sharing with Tom W.Hagedorn [Link]

[UPDATES ON 25/11/2015] [International Exchange]Sharing with Mr Mark Powers [Link]

[UPDATES ON 13/11/2015] [About Us] Teacher Email [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/11/2015] [Partnership Activities]InnoCarnival 2015 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 09/11/2015] [School Newsletters] Newsletter 2 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 06/11/2015] [School Activities Highlights]Election for the 16th Parent Teacher Association Committee [Link]

[UPDATES ON 06/11/2015] [Interest Groups]Board Game Club - 1st meeting [Link]

[UPDATES ON 27/10/2015] [International Exchange]German Culture Exchange Program [Link]

[[UPDATES ON 27/10/2015] [Albums]School Activities Highlights [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/10/2015] 2015-16 First Term Uniform Test Timetable [Link]

[UPDATES ON 13/10/2015] [Crisis Management] Crisis Management Team Program (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/10/2015] 2015-16 First Term Uniform Test scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 29/09/2015] [School Newsletters] Newsletter 1 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/09/2015] [Hong Kong Economic Journal] Date for 11/09/2015 (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/09/2015] [School Activities Highlights] Western Table Manner Workshop [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/09/2015] [Drama Club] Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014/15 [Link ]

[UPDATES ON 02/09/2015] [School Activities Highlights] Outstanding Academic Performance Awards 2014-2015 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 02/09/2015] [School Activities Highlights] Opening day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 04/09/2015] [Crisis Management] Illness & Accident Procedure Guidelines (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 13/10/2015] [Crisis Management] Crisis Management Team Program (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 20/07/2015] [School Activities Highlights]Visit to Civil Aviation Department [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/07/2015] [School Activities Highlights]Tai O Fishing Village Culture Study Tour [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/07/2015] [School Activities Highlights] Presentation by principal at HKIED [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/07/2015] [HKIEd Exhibition] Re-encountering Confucius (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/07/2015] [HKIEd news] Integrating Confucian Studies into Education and Living (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/07/2015] [Hong Kong Economic Journal] Date for 04/07/2015 (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 03/07/2015] [International Exchange] F.6 Graduation Trip [Link]

[UPDATES ON 02/03/2015] [School Activities Highlights] Meeting with Shenzhen Schools " Learn More About Leadership" [Link]

[UPDATES ON 29/06/2015] Update Groups of extra-curricular [Link]

[UPDATES ON 29/06/2015] Update Academic Departments [Link]

[UPDATES ON 21/05/2015] [School Newsletters] Newsletter 4 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/05/2015] [School Circulars] 2014-15 Final Term Examination Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/05/2015] [School Circulars] 2014-15 F1 to F5 Second Term Examination Timetable [Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/04/2015] [School Circulars] Lending school premises for Public Examinations [Link]

[UPDATES ON 11/03/2015] [School Circulars] 2014-15 Second Term Uniform Test Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 09/03/2015] [School Circulars] 2014-15 Second Term Uniform Test Notice and Timetable Uniform Test Notice [Link]

[UPDATES ON 02/03/2015] [School Activities Highlights]The Chinese Cultural Week [Link]

[UPDATES ON 07/02/2015] [School Activities Highlights]The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Neighbourhood Lunch Gathering [Link]

[UPDATES ON 05/02/2015] Update Groups of extra-curricular [Link]

[UPDATES ON 05/02/2015] Update Academic Departments [Link]

[UPDATES ON 28/01/2015] Newsletter 3 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 23/01/2015] [Video] chool Profile Video Clip [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/01/2015] [Video] Stand Up Comedy Style [Link]

[UPDATES ON 19/12/2014] [School Activities Highlights] Speech Day "Big Smile Award" [Link]

[UPDATES ON 16/12/2014] 2014-15 First Term Examination Scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/12/2014] [Video] 2014Wan Chai Festival Closing Ceremony Shows [Link]

[UPDATES ON 15/12/2014] [School Activities Highlights] 2014Wan Chai Festival Closing Ceremony Shows [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/12/2014] 2014-15 S.6 Mock Examination Timetable (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/12/2014] 2014-15 Mid-Term Examination Timetable [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/12/2014] [School Activities Highlights] Speech Day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 12/12/2014] [International Exchange]Xi an Study Tour [Link]

[UPDATES ON 06/12/2014] [International Exchange]Germany Exchange Program [Link]

[UPDATES ON 08/12/2014] [Video]Xi an Study Tour [Link]

[UPDATES ON 27/11/2014] e-Class User Manual [Link]

[UPDATES ON 19/11/2014] Newsletter 2 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/11/2014] 5-Day Shandong StudyTour [Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/11/2014] [Sing Tao] Whole Person Development (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/11/2014] [Sing Tao] International Students Visit and Tram Tour (Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/11/2014] Purchasing student workbooks - Application Form [Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/11/2014] [School Activities Highlights]Sports Days [Link]

[UPDATES ON 04/11/2014] School Activities Highlights video [Link]

[UPDATES ON 04/11/2014] International Exchange video [Link]

[UPDATES ON 01/11/2014] H.K.S.J.A.B. Confucian Division Diamond Jubilee [Link]

[UPDATES ON 22/10/2014] 3rd Symposium of Water Resource Protection for Secondary school students [Link]

[UPDATES ON 21/10/2014] Mencius「an unperturbed mind」(Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 17/10/2014] Visit to hong kong Aviation Club - Visit Aviation Facilities [Link]

[UPDATES ON 17/10/2014] Hong Kong Future Leaders Forum and Future Leaders Award Ceremony [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/10/2014] 2014-15 First Term Uniform Test scope [Link]

[UPDATES ON 14/10/2014] 2015/2016 Admission Form [Link]

[UPDATES ON 13/10/2014] 2014-15 First Term Uniform Test Notice and Timetable [Link]

[UPDATES ON 10/10/2014] International Students Visit and Tram Tour [Link][Video]

[UPDATES ON 8/10/2014] Feeding Hong Kong - Edible Garden Community Gathering [連結] [Video]

[UPDATES ON 8/10/2014] Courage(Chi version) [Link]

[UPDATES ON 25/9/2014] Speech Festival Sharing [Link]

[UPDATES ON 18/9/2014] Newsletter 1 [Link]

[UPDATES ON 1/9/2014] Cheque Presentation Ceremony [Link]

[UPDATES ON 1/9/2014] 2015/16Admission for S1 students [Link]

[UPDATES ON 1/9/2014] 2014 Opening day [Link]

[UPDATES ON 30/8/2014] The Legend of Condor Heroes of drama [Link]

[UPDATES ON 2014-08-21] Our SMC member Dr TSUI Ping Kwong interviewed with Asia TV [Video]

[UPDATES ON 26/8/2014] Bede''s U.K. Study Tour [Link]

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